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Which is What and Dangerous Lifts

The problem, or one of them, with the menopause is that you don’t know what are stress related symptoms and what are menopausal symptoms.

I started thinking I was getting alzheimer’s again, when I suddenly felt panicky getting into a lift recently on holiday. I don’t like lifts, I got stuck in 2 when I was young, and the image is still strong. I have also lived and worked in far too many developing countries with poor or no electricity supply to ever trust any lift anywhere.

The problem in posh hotels is that there are only lifts on offer. The emergency stairs are hidden – not sure why. We stopped in Istanbul en route to UK in June. We stayed at the Hilton – posh, lovely food. Mirrored lifts – they help with the impression you are in a room not a lift. I did still go to the loo each time before, I got in the lift in case we got stuck. Those are the sort of lifts that you are supposed to never get stuck in.

Bugger me of course we did.

For about a nano second, but that is enough for a chest pang. We were on the 24th floor and it stayed on the 16th and wouldn’t let us out. I called the help button and said we were stuck.  The door opened and they said they would send an engineer.  Meanwhile as I was with my daughter, I was pretending it was fine and that these things happen. She wasn’t fazed, but neither of us really wanted to spend the day on the 16th floor lobby. I had to call twice more before the engineer came. He took us to the 24th floor and told us that we had to use our room card when we got in the lift and then press our floor button.

I was indignant – why hadn’t they told us at reception when we’d checked in?

I then read on the website of a well woman clinic;  the one where I finally saw the doctor; and it listed agrophobia and claustrophobia are also symptoms of menopause. I thought I had bottomed out on the list of symptoms and was becoming seasoned.   But NO.

Back to today. I just gave my husband a lift to his office. Remember the 2 car family, with one car operational at any one time. I overshot the turning to his office. I rarely get anywhere without doing that, he is not usually in the car though, I have to say.  It is more often children; who thankfully are often not aware of where they are or where they are going to.  Such is their faith in the grown up driving them.   Poor darlings.   They don’t know the risks they run with peri-menopausal women.

I tend to have to suddenly swerve into lots of dirt roads to turn round.  Never an elegant 3 point turn, a hot sweaty 7 point turn with no power assisted steering is my norm.

Bird brain could be both stress and menopause. Or stress of the menopause?  Who can tell?

I did watch the birds this morning. Having stopped working 18 hours a day, since I closed my business in June, has certainly made that possible.  Maybe I should stop wondering when and how stress merges into the menopause and vica versa. I need to stop over-thinking – and become more shallow. I will see how I do for the rest of the day.

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