Victory And Heartbreak

Victory and Heartbreak 

Victory and Heartbreak and everything imbetween. We experience it all during the menopause and the Cricket World Cup apparently.  Never thought I’d link cricket and the menopause but there we go. There are parallels as the title says. You follow a cricket season for years. You have a glorious decade.

Within the years of cricket watching you have ups and downs.   Ditto peri-menopause.

Your team changes form and peaks and troughs. It moves you from despair to joy within a short space of time. Ditto mood swings

You breathe with difficulty, get chest pains  and sweat with anxiety in those tense moments – will he get that needed 6 runs for the team to win?

Ditto chest pains and hot flushes.

Any peri-menopausal cricketing fans out there care to continue the parallels?


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