Thin And Mean

I think it should be lean and mean but there we go.

So there I was coming back to Dar August 2013 with new HRT.

Wearing my own clothes which fitted, taking my ciprolax every day until….

I noticed that it wasn't working anymore.

The HRT stopped the migraines – tick and a gold star.

The HRT stopped the weight gain – tick and a gold star.

The HRT didn't stop my mood swings – big fucking cross

The HRT didn't stop my insomnia – big fucking cross

On balance a bit better but still quite crap.

Oh yes and my business was expanding and so very stressful.  I didn't mention that did I?  It was due to expand and then close to a very tight deadline.

So back to the doctor with;  "I can't sleep and I am a fire breathing monster".   "Ok", says he, "I will give you Xanax to help you deal with the immediate anxieties and you can reduce it when you have sorted out your business".

I was then on HRT, and two different types of anti-anxiety tablets.  Are you keeping up?   Good, just checking.


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