Happy Pills for the pill period

The Pill Period

Like the painters.  Yes, I always aim to sound elegantly insane. For the year that I was on different contraceptive pills, my darling moods didn’t alter much. Then, I was SO, SO lucky to meet MY friend.   She was hilarious, and shallow, with hidden depths.  My perfect chum. Unknown to me at the time, she was also a secret tablet guzzler. Enter the pill period.

I had no idea she was peri-menopausal, but when we DID discuss IT; furtively at first and more vigorously from then on; WOW it was another world.  I had a partner in crime.

She told me that she had been given anti-anxiety/depressants for mood swings.  This I now understand, is common.   The little darling white tablets were called Ciprolax.  I trotted off to the doctors with my words ready; not the fanny doctor; the other one.  He explained that this tablet was meant to take the edge off anxiety as mood swings started.  I couldn’t wait to get going with them.    Within 10 minutes of taking the first one, I wasn’t sure where the ground was in relation to my feet.  It was fabulous once I had learnt not to fall over.

Within 2 weeks it was great, I was just floaty enough to sort of get through the day without yelling, tiny downside; terribly forgetful.  Can you imagine what it was like working with me?   Scary, very scary.

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