The One Eyed Monster – Take Two

I completely forgot the one eyed monster bit.     I was so carried away with yoga and shopping.

Quick before I forget again….I went to a workshop on Tuesday morning at my daughter’s school.   We had had a bit of a scramble to get there that morning.   I put my mascara and lipstick in my handbag as I hadn’t managed to sort myself out before I left.  Usually I drop her at the bus with scary hair, which has been attacked by the hair pixies in the middle of the night.   I have even been known to leave the house at 6.15am with caterpillar breath as well.   YUK.

The dogs delayed us.  They love coming in the car so much.  They are our own personal security detail.  They have their own places, one in the front seat, one on the back seat and one in the boot.   Unfortunately on this occasion, they couldn’t stay in the car while I was at the workshop.  I explained it to them, but you know, they just didn’t listen.  By the time we got one out of the car, another one had hopped in.  Little monkeys.

Then there was a traffic jam.   I did my mascara on one eye, while I was waiting at the first one and put my lip salve on.   My daughter did her sunblock and then her mosquito repellant.  We then moved off, at the next jam, I put my lipstick on.    When we parked, my daughter left me, as I had to text my husband about something urgent to do with the house, power or water or something.

I went off to her classroom, chatted to her and her friend, talked to her teacher and then headed off to the staffroom for the meeting.

The presenter started.

Suddenly I thought in panic.  I think I only have mascara on one eye. I turned to the woman sitting next to me and whispered, ” sorry to bother you, but do only have mascara on one eye?”

“Yes,” she whispered back helpfully, “have you got an eye infection?”

“No,” I muttered, “I am menopausal”.



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