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I love the abbreviation of the word intelligence. I heard it on Spooks, a spy drama programme, which I love. I have adopted it into my current vocabulary. Not sure if it should have two ll’s?

I think it would be fair to say that I was in a bit of a fog earlier on in the year.  Despite having a new great doctor, I have still been unclear what tablets I am on and why.  I feel rather shifty admitting it, but I might as well.  It might make someone else feel better in case they are the same as me. I finally got round to asking the doctor what each of the HRT tablets and patches were for.  I also asked her about progesterone.

“The supplements that you are receiving are two types of oestrogen; the transdermal medications (gel and patches) are oestradiol and the tablets deliver oestrogen via the gut wall and liver and convert to a different type of oestrogen called oestrone. In the peri-menopause and early post-menopause, it is important to have the mix of both types of oestrogen which work in a synergistic way. The patches and tablets give a slow delivery into the circulation albeit in a low dose and the gel is very much a short acting boost should you need it but probably would not be much more use than this as the half-life is only 4-6 hours. Most women either use it first thing in the morning or to reduce the afternoon slump which I think was your difficult time.

At some stage, we will need to add in a progesterone to provide endometrial protection. It is important not to do that until your low oestrogen symptoms are resolved”

You may remember that she had asked me about sugar and carbohydrates and that I had to cut sugar and the carbohydrates out.   I was confused as I had done, so I made an appointment with the menopause nutritionist.  Isn’t that fantastic, that they even have one.

I went through the issues that the doctor had first raised with me in July.  It seems like an eternity ago now.

The one I hadn’t fully understood is this insulin resistance piece.  It is on the diabetes continuum.  Can be controlled so it doesn’t get worse but needs even more radical diet changes than I had realised.  This, with the HRT could be the secret to me getting my afternoons back from the fire-breathing monster who inhabits my afternoon body at the moment.

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