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Shallow and Grumpy – Anniversary Celebration

Despite a week’s gap, I remember leaving the last post with the desire to be shallower.  Did I make it?   Well, last week despite the supposedly correct patch, correct tablets, AND many of them; I was still rather YELLY in the afternoons.

My daughter was very helpful and asked me if I had had my afternoon tablet each day.  It was roughly between 3pm – 5pm, so something clearly wasn’t working.  By Thursday, she told me she didn’t think she could take me being this ghastly.

Mornings were great she feedback.  Considering the potential for  yelliness in the mornings; she is right; they are going swimmingly.

Last Monday morning at school, I had seen a sign attached to the classroom window.  The basic message was be nice to your children, don’t yell, love them and give them surprises.  I felt guilty reading it, and left school vowing to not yell and to get her a surprise present.

But the week turned out otherwise or rather the afternoons did.   I am working on those – shallow or otherwise.


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