Byron Katie – I Now Know What To Do To Reduce My Stress Levels

Isn’t this image just fantastic?  I would love to know what you – dear readers – think you already know about STRESS and what more you would like to know.  What I have just noticed about myself is that – this time a few months ago, I would have been getting my knickers in a twist because I couldn’t cut and paste the image above. It is so long since I inserted an image, I can’t bloody remember the steps.  I know you need to change their pixels first before you start faffing about with anything else. Usually my blood pressure starts to rise as soon as I even LOOK at the ADD MEDIA button.  I would then start feeling grumpy and possibly move into a sulky – why me phase.

But not today.  Today I just thought – bugger it. I don’t know how many pixels there are and I don’t care. VERY liberating.

Now you may wonder how come I have adopted such a care free attitude to all this pixel business.

I will let you into my secret.  It is breathing.  You know THAT thing we ALL think we know how to do?

Well ask yourselves this – do you REALLY know how to breath so that it reduces your STRESS levels?

If you have a minute to let me know what more you would like to know about stress it would be fab.

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