Spot the Menopause Wannabee

Menopause Wanabees…..Oh Yes

Who would have believed it in August when I got back from holiday?   Here I was in November, at a friend’s 40th birthday lunch, holding court over the other 10 women aged 30 something…ish.

There was one other woman my age.  We were both having hot flushes.

I told the group, that as I had organised it, we were inside with aircon, and I hoped that was ok with them all, given my condition and all that. “And mine”, she chipped in.  A fellow hot flush sufferer, I asked her, “which year are you in of your glorious decade?”

She replied, “year 3, you?”

I announced “year 3 as well”. We gave each other a high 5.  I then got out my pill purse and tipped it out on the table.  Everyone gasped and then cheered.  I gave my new friend one of my quick acting get sachets as she was having a bit of a moment. She clearly didn’t generally out herself quite as much as I did, but was loving it.  The Laurent and Perrier champagne also helped.  Her, not me, I don’t drink alcohol, I am too sensitive – as you all know.

My god asked the others, how do you remember, which to take when?

I then proceeded to show them my systems of bleeps, clicks, harps sounds and doorbell buzzes, which get me through each day.

But the best was when I said, “it’s awful, but you do have that liberating thought on a regular basis, which is I’m menopausal, I’m over 50 and fuck it, I can do what I want and I don’t have to worry about what other people think any more…”   “Amen to that,” said my new friend.  “yes, fuck it, if I have to put up with hot flushes, and forgetting everything, then I don’t need to put up with other shit any more…”

Someone said, “I want that now, I aspire to be menopausal if I get that…..

What a great moment.  Being me is COOL.

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