Many-paws explained

Many Paws

Many paws. I do hope you all get it.   It is so great.

My daughter asked me again about the  “many paws” last night. She is only 9, and does so well to remember the list of symptoms and that none of it is her fault; blah, blah blah.    For her, of course it is really simple, the nice mum and the evil one. She then noticed that it sounded like “manypaws” and laughed her head off.  We have three dogs you see.

I read my blog posts out loud to her last night.  Not your average bedtime story I would say, but she asked.   I warned her that I had used some rude words.  She was riveted and I have to say she loved all of them and thought that I was very clever.   The very nice mum finished putting her to bed.   Actually I was asleep before her.  Squeezed into her single bed, I was vaguely aware of some sort of noise in my ear.  It was her talking, but I simply couldn’t answer.  I woke up at 3am, with my leg half out of the wooden frame; and with what felt like wooden slat marks etched into my body; where, I had squashed the foam mattress down into the bedframe with my weight.

It took what felt like an hour to move her off me, collect my bits of body, disengage myself from parts of the mosquito net, and get up. Mindful of seeing the good and all that stuff, I decided that I was going to meditate and have deep thoughts.

BUT, I am afraid I saw my husband’s computer just looking at me. Before I knew it, Episode 1, Season 4 of Game of Thrones was on, fantastic.  I settled into the comfiest part of the sofa.

Not for long sadly.

Busted.  My husband was up and wandering around and told me to get back to bed – my own this time.   I knew I couldn’t say no, as I had buggered off and fallen asleep again last night and not seen him.

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