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Internet Search With Caution

Internet search with caution on the PMD – don’t do it; unless you really, really have to; or are a sadist. I have always taken a head in the sand approach to ghastliness in relation to bodily functions.  The best and only way as far as I am concerned.

I did make the mistake of looking up my meds I was on last week.   JUST so I could get the names right for the blog.   The information is contradictory, that is why I hate reading about them.  One jolly medical menopause site says oestrogen only tabs are high risk for heart disease.  Fine, all you have to do is go to the gym for at least 4 hours a day to counteract that. No probs – we all have time for that.  Do we hell.

Then another of the darling medical menopause sites said the opposite; oestrogen only tabs protect you from breast cancer BUT does that mean you will still die of heart disease?    Oh yippy doo.

The list of side effects cover absolutely everything including sneezing and shopping.  The latter is highly dangerous and life threatening.  Side effects also seem to include all the 50 PM symptoms.  How are you supposed to know what is a symptom and what is something you are about to die of?  HOW?

Anyway obviously I couldn’t sleep last week.    I want to, no I NEED to be awake when the stroke starts, so I can bitch slap it into submission.

In summary;  all tablets you take have the potential to kill you.




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