How To Set Fire To Your Moon Cup

My new friend and a very select group of her friends, swear by these very Moon Cups, BUT, as I told you, it took her some time to gain the upper hand with hers.   I thought you might like the instructions for ONE WAY To Clean a Moon Cup. 

To Sterilise Your Mooncup

Place Moon Cup in a saucepan of boiling water for 5 minutes, preferably on a Saturday, when all your children are home and it is complete madness.

Leave the kitchen immediately you have put the Moon Cup in the water with the gas on, as you forgot to do something urgent for one of your small children. 

Leave your second small child, under the age of 10, alone in the kitchen

Allow saucepan to boil dry and set fire to pan, causing large orange flames to sweep across stovetop

Train small child, who was left in kitchen, to call out to you, when Moon Cup saucepan is on fire

Dash downstairs swearing 

Throw Moon Cup in basin of cold water

Thank small child

Order new Moon Cup

Repeat above process until owner stays in kitchen for the entire 5 minute period without taking their eyes off the pan or uses timer


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