Heat Seeking Missiles

"It must be love, love, love….it must be love, love, love…."   The Specials song is so wonderful.

We have a huge family bed.  However I have noticed that no matter how big the bed, I can't escape them.  Either of them, they just want to hug.  My daughter throws her legs and arms all over me, so does my hubs.  It is terrible when I am trapped in the middle, sweating away.  I gently move them over, but after 5 minutes they are fucking back.  We end up in a tiny huddle in about a quarter of the bed. I know I should be grateful for the love, but often I just want them to STAY IN THEIR SPOT and let me have the air con on. 

What a horrendous night last night. 

All right here goes.  My hubs is away, so daughter is in our bed from her bedtime.  She always comes in during the night anyway.  It took us more time than usual to put the net down.  It has a new tear in it, courtesy of THAT LEG when he got into bed one night last week and got tangled in the net. 

We were both asleep, but my daughter has a cold, so she wanted the air con off. I was sweltering and on the edge of the huge bed as usual – in my place.  

So I left and went into her bed.  All to myself and air con on full. Bliss.

Until I got found.  She hopped in and the air con went off. 

I woke up at 2am absolutly sweltering and trapped between daughter and the wall. She had the whole bed I thought.  I then looked up and heard snoring.  A dog was next to her with her head on the pillow.  There was also a dog on the bed at our feet. 

They aren't allowed on the bed. 

"It must be love, love, love…….."



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