an old ad for a hair loss cure - can it be sexy?

Hair Loss IS Sexy

Of course hair loss isn’t sexy, but I thought that might catch your eye.   I went to the gym today and did 90 minutes of Yoga. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous.  My yin and yang were doing what they were supposed to do; I was breathing properly without feeling faint; all marvellous.  When I got back home we still had power.  Unusual for this time of year and we have no generator.   I turned on the hot water switch and decided to splash out (pardon the pun) on a full body shower and hair wash.

I know that makes me sound rather unclean.  I am not, I promise but when there is no power, there is no water, as the power is needed for the water pump.  I hear connections going off in people’s heads and them thinking ahhh….I see.   No problem to have a cold wash using the water from the bucket in the bathroom kept specially for those occasions.  However, I have to confess, despite my hardiness for washing with a jug and living without hot water; this doesn’t extend to washing my hair in cold water.   In my view, people wash their hair far too much.  Once or twice a week is plenty even for sweaty children and models.

I am so lucky, I also have another reason.  I know, I know, you have been waiting for that Menopause Momentan MM.

Yes, hair loss is another of those darling little symptoms.  So you can understand now, my own very good reason, NOT to be rushing for the shampoo each day.

Mind you, I have never checked with the doctor.  Does all the hair WAIT until you wash it; and then come out in a larger clump in the weekly wash, just to spite you?

Oh well as I am shallow, I will leave that train of thought well alone.

My shower today with hot water was lovely, and so is my hair.


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