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Who exactly invented Google search? Should I know? Was it a bearded chap from California? I love them whoever they are.  They are how I found MY guineapig-ologist’s clinic.

It was true to say that I was in a bit of a state when I loaded myself onto the plane in June.   I had been guzzling Xanax as my new alternative self – prescribed drug of choice to replace my rapidly diminishing hormones.   Trouble is though, they are not gender specific.  I did offer them to my husband once, so you see – they can work for everyone.  They are a bit like the proverbial blunt instrument.   THAT I realised is the issue with the PMD.  Why did it take me three years to realise?

Well I can’t say, but we are all different.  I know such a short sentence yet so profound.

My symptoms were different to other women’s.   One friend started having very irregular and heavy periods.  This became somewhat of a liability as you can imagine; on the train going to work. She had to start carrying extra clothes with her.  She also had visible hot flushes about every 20 minutes.    I have never had either of those symptoms.    I have had ALL the others.  My hot flushes sneak up on me at night time, little bastards.

Having decided I couldn’t leave my father’s postcode area, I googled lady gynaecologists with my postcode.  Up SHE popped or rather her clinic did.   What sealed the deal for me, was the list of symptoms and issues.     I then read the history of the clinic.  SHE had set it up as  SHE had felt that there was a gap in services for women in the PMD.  Too bloody right I thought.

They had a Q&A.  I think it was especially designed for me.  One of them was; do you find it hard at 9am and 5pm?

I gasped – they knew!

There was also an elegantly diplomatic sentence about GPs needing more support to deal with the differences in symptoms and tailor them to specific women and to link it into family history and risk profiling.  I didn’t even know her but I loved her as well.

I rushed to tell my father that it wasn’t my fault I was horrid.

Poor man he has a wife and THREE daughters.  Even the dog was a girl.    Can you imagine the hormone excesses and depletions he has dealt with in his life time?



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