Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

You know that I keep myself up to date with menopause pieces, in order that you don’t have to.  Even though I scare myself to bits sometimes.  Here are the goodies from the last two weeks;

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Recognize the Symptoms of a Heart Attack – the No. 1 Killer of Women By Ellen Dolgen.  It is worth reading this article of Ellen’s again and keeping aspirin with you at all times.

I also read that Mariella Frostrup was in difficulty with her medical insurance company deciding that her menopause treatment couldn’t be covered as the menopause is classified as natural.    I had fun classifying this piece.  Men and Menopause, Menopause in the 21st Century.  Menopause Awareness.  All those and more show how UNaware people and institutions are to menopausal women.   Fortunately Mariella wasn’t going to take this sitting down and fought back with this great line;

“Madness Is More Palatable (to insurance companies)Than Menopause (is)…”

I listened to Women’s Hour on Radio 4 last week.  The subject was the menopause and frankly, I felt sorry for all women after it.  The female specialist doctors were arguing with each other in that hilarious British way.

“Well I am sorry Valerie (or something like that), (SHE ISN’T REALLY SORRY AT ALL) but you will find that the evidence is not with you on that point…”

“Well Hilary (or something like that), I think you will find that that is not quite right..(COMPLETELY BLOODY WRONG) and that there is evidence to prove that synthetic HRT made from paper is better than…”

When asked about how it is possible to take a detailed history in the time allocated for an appointment in the UK

“Oh of course I can take a woman’s detailed history in a nano second …”   (I AM FANTASTIC)

“Well I can take a woman’s detailed history in probably less than a nano second without even asking any questions..”    (I AM MORE FANTASTIC)

There was a male hormone specialist being interviewed.  I am not trying to look for problems just because he was a man, but he had such a monotone voice and sounded SO bored.  The pace was frantic and my friend and I who were listening in – felt even more confused at the end.

It is really not helpful when the doctors are arguing amongst themselves.

To be fair they were trying to cram too much into one session and it is good that they aired the subject at all. In British speak that means it was really CRAP and that they should have done MILES better in researching for the show in the first place.

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