Menopause Is Not For Cissies

Eureka No More Temper Tantrums

I don’t have those running down the street naked moments very often, which doesn’t mean that I don’t still learn.  On the contrary, I LOVE new knowledge and am a bit of a gasper when it comes to a new bits.   To give you an example, my idea of fun would be watching a John Pilger Trilogy.  My idea of spending my christmas money would be to buy 3 new documentary DVDs about war, history, geology and the history of capitalism.

I also actually love sharing my new knowledge and am often surprised as friends frequently don’t feel like hearing my latest nuggets of knowledge about puppy mills or slaughterhouses.  Last Sunday, my friend said no she didn’t want to know about the world food system, she just wanted to eat her lunch.

I’m interested in a lot of subjects, and like to think that I’m quite well informed. Well I would be if I could remember it all when I wanted to.  As in, a sentence with all the words that I want in it, at the right time and not two hours after I needed them.

I do excellent outrage and very good rants, again – even though I say it myself. I can do a 30 second short burst rant, a warming to my theme medium rant and longggg rants which have lasted my whole life really and are only really punctuated by the school run, cooking the tea, feeding the dogs etc.

But THIS eureka is different. This is a new genre, oeuvre and sector. I wasn’t interested in it AT ALL but now I am.  This little baby is TECHNOLOGY.    If I hear one more technically savvy person call themselves a nerd and be apologetic, I think I will freak out.   I am SO jealous of people who “know” technology, can fiddlearse with wordpress, tweet and retweet and know why at the flick of 2 thumbs.

This time I am outing myself for my lack of knowledge of technology. It is SUCH a constraint.  I have come a long way since October last year though.  As of last week I suddenly noticed that I didn’t have a temper tantrum with my website’s email distribution system.  Can’t remember the name of it now.  It will come.  Anyway, something has shifted in my head.  I used to plan and know roughly how long things would take.  This is what threw me with technology.  You never know if it will be just the minute you think it should be or half a day.  Unscheduled half a day at that.  For a overworked gal like me, this unscheduled bit was just too much for me.   Plus, I didn’t know what to DO for half a day to fix things.  I had a stern word with myself because I can’t keep paying someone else to fix ALL my technical issues, I have to learn as well.  I can’t get the images perfect in my blog broadcast as I don’t really know how to set it up but I will.

So now I have a blog and facebook calendar and schedule.  I have an overall checklist to keep me on the straight and narrow.   AND I don’t call a tweet a twit anymore.


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