Don't Steam Clean Your Front Bottom

Don’t Steam Clean Your Front Bottom At Home

So here I am struggling along with the peri-menopause and trying to see the good from time to time. Then I read that Gwyneth Paltrow had created a storm by recommending Mugwort for steam cleaning.   Mugwort is an aromatic herb used in Chinese traditional medicine and as a food flavouring. In South Korea it’s used in rice cakes and soup.

And in LA it’s used to STEAM CLEAN VAGINAS.

It is slightly incongruous to think that in 17 years our beloved planet will overheat because of global warming and all the typhoons, hurricanes, floods and extreme weather will just get worse and worse until then.  Plus 42 million children around the world are obese, while 1 billion are starving.

With all this turmoil in the world, I don’t really understand how anyone could sit around ensconced on a special throne with mugwort steaming up their jacksie and destroying their internal flora and fauna.

Well?  It is enough to keep your legs tight crossed.


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