“Don’t Let An Old Person Inhabit Your Body…”

Oh yes.  I don’t actually want to have topsy turvy hormones and mood swings etc.  I really don’t.  I just had my 6 monthly bloods done.  I don’t understand how both my estrodol and progesterone are now apparantly on the high side. (I know you don’t spell estrodol like this).   This should be good news, but I still can’t get to sleep nor stay asleep.

I am also, truth be told, a complete yelly old cow sometimes.  More than I should be, given the HRT and now estrogen levels perhaps normal.  Help. Maybe I am just destined to be a complete, yelly old cow.

But NO of course not – NONE of us gals are destined for that.  We are destined for something FAR greater.  SO fortunately for you all, AND me, I recently heard a podcast which changed my life.  I know, not a dramatic bone in my body.

Dr Christiane Northrup was on The Health Bridge talking about us gals being “Goddesses Who Never Age”.   Yup, I have yet another girl crush.  First my guinea-pigologist, second Dr Sara Gottfried, third Dr Pedram Shojai and now Dr Chris Northrup.  Drs Sara and Pedram started the health bridge which is a health advocacy radio programme I would HIGHLY recommend. Not only do they discuss really important health issues for women, they are also terribly clever and terribly funny.  Great combo.  OMG I am morphing into Jamie Oliver – speak.  That’s alright though as I have a crush on him as well.

To summarise what Chris said in that podcast in one sentence is;  all this anti ageing cultural programming can just absolutely bugger off and NOW.  My words, actually I don’t know if Amercians use bugger off quite like the British.

Anyway – in the most fabulously elegant and articulate way.  Another aside, I DO love listening to someone who can string many sentences together without resorting to redundant language and tons of slang and you knows and it’s like.  So where was I, yes in the most fabulously elegant and articulate way, she simply bulldozes mainstream western tenets of ageing and made me, in the process feel absolutely fabulous as well.

She had me giving little gasps of, “oh my goodness”, with every one of her thought provoking sentence.  I know you are wishing I would just bloody get on with it and tell you WHAT she said…well here are some highlights.

“The current conversation we have about aging is deadly boring.

It is an organ recital – kidneys, liver etc.

It is a cultural misnomer which dictates that after 50 we are somehow destined to be decrepit. It is normal in our western culture, but it is NOT normal and it doesn’t need to be that way.

In reality, the only thing that causes our cells to deteriorate is the belief and the behaviour that stems from it, that it is “normal” to deteriorate…

She rejects and thinks we should too, the following statements, “at my age it is…normal to;

lose my sex drive

my memory

my joints to hurt

There is a huge difference between chronological age and biological age. We replace all of our cells every 7 years…

The ageing process begins in the body, heart disease can start at age 8 as does diabetes nowadays and the deterioration of the facia starts at 20 when you sit all the time.”

So what can we do to be great then?  Over to Chris again;

Well we do have to actually WANT to be great and to WANT to move from known misery or mediocrity and risk unknown joy and pleasure.  It is staying in the safe zone which ages us.

We can see the peri-menopause period as an opportunity to be re-born.  Re-born as a mouthy 12-year old ie. same hormone levels, BUT women have wisdom, life experience and a credit card… Hurrah.  But you don’t need to wait until then to be great though.

There is so much around in our upbringing about what people expect of girls and women in terms of doing everything and perfectly.  Many, many millions of women are highly stressed juggling careers and parenting and their health is the first thing that goes.  Too much sugar, alcohol and lack of sleep becomes a vicious cycle.

The baby boomers, were brought up on the philosophy of the feminist movement of the 70s.  It was a period which had to be gone through, given the sexism of the 50s.  BUT it made women think that in order to succeed, they had to BE men.

We are subjected to a ridiculous fear of ageing and women need to develop a new relationship with how to get older and thrive.

Chris even has a great response to brain fog.

As we get older we move into our right hemispheres and can’t always remember our words.  DO NOT APOLOGISE and SAY YOU ARE HAVING A SENIOR MOMENT.

The fact is that if we use our right hemispheres more, this part of the brain is where our executive functions are.   The age of retirement of 65 was fixed by Otto Van Bismarck in 1880, when the average life expectancy was 18 months after people retired.

Now life expectancy after 65 is another 24 years.  What have we retired from exactly?  Life?  Usefulness?   No  way – we have to keep engaged.

Alright gals.  You should all go and read Chris’s new book and subscribe to The Health Bridge.  I have to admit I went and got my hair cut after listening to her. I also started going to my dance classes again.  I’d lapsed because I  CBA – Couldn’t Be Arsed – in case you have forgotten what that means. Now I’ve decided I am way too young to feel frumpy.  Now I feel frisky and ageless even on a bad hormone day.

Look forward to hearing from you.