Cold turkey

Cold Turkey

I recommend that you don’t try going cold turkey at home.

What a disaster.  Having brought 6 months worth of HRT back from the UK, I found them at the Oyster Bay chemist.  I live a hand to mouth; always running out of tablets; sort of existence and so never bought 6 packets or anything sensible like that.

Imagine my horror, when I went to the chemist when I had taken my LAST tablet only to be told that they had run out.

“Run out”, I squeaked, ‘what do you mean?  Will you have some more tomorrow?”

“No Madame, we don’t know when more will come”.

I called my reinforcements – husband – and first had to confess that I had run out of HRT.  I then explained that life would be catastrophic for all of us, if I stopped taking them just like that from one day to the next.   He got the message.  He asked me what the chemical compounds were in the tablets.

“What”?  I asked, I thought he was joking.  “I have no idea”.   “Well find out” he said.

I looked it up for the first time since I had started taking them.  I have always been a head in the sand kind of gal.   Never read anything when I was pregnant as it all sounded very unpleasant.  Didn’t  WANT to know what I was taking to get through my PMD.

He went to lots of different chemists and drew a blank in each.  Finally he found Ellesse Solo, he had found – would that do?

“Yes’, I said gratefully and took a tablet.   The Ellesse bit was the same, it was just the darling little Solo bit that was different to the Duet bit.

Hmmm can you imagine the consequences?


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