One Leg Better Than Two

No I haven't got George Orwell's Animal Farm wrong.   I am in fact referring to massage.  Like sport, it is very good to have masages.  Helps with the "Exercise or Die" motto I have.  It moves your darling blood around your veins and arteries and sorts … Read more


It was still another two weeks before I got to speak to the doctor herself.  BUT when I did, it was fabulous.  It was like being enveloped by somenone who knew what to do and could boss me around.   We were on mobiles as I … Read more

I Am Not Asking For A Pedicure

September and the first half of October were bad.  I didn't feel any better with all my tablets.  Reducing xanax and having the screaming hab-dabs, every afternoon, resulted in my little girl saying several times she wanted to be adopted out for the afternoons. Triple eeeekkkk! We … Read more


Certainly of happiness.  I was very lucky I thought.  I had finally been to the right doctor.  I had the cutest people around me, willing me on.     There were no secrets with THIS issue that was for sure.  They all knew about the … Read more

The Actual Appointment

"Can you come with me"? A jolly voice beckoned me out of the waiting room.  It was HER, not a nurse nor an admin officer but her; the woman who I had been hitting in my dream. I was speechless and terrified.  Both were rare … Read more

Flying Solo

Well of course the Duet and Solo are there for a reason after Ellesse, which after all is only a brand name. Within 12 hours I felt really shocking, it is hard to describe over-dosing on a hormone but it is something akin to having … Read more