Menopause Gifts

I have to confess that I was really baffled by this when I searched for menopause gifts.   Natural Tea Tree Sheep Dip Bubble Bath 250ml SLS Free and made with essential oils by Simple Earth Gifts    

I’m Not 34 Or 74

I’m 54 and you see the thing is that I don’t look like these lovely young things in this picture. Neither do I look like the old ladies in the menopause pictures. The article is about heart disease and menopause but you would never guess … Read more

Oh No I Forgot Cholesterol

Whether it is your boobs, or your heart or other darling body parts. All the solutions are the same…..EXERCISE OR DIE…. So much easier than reading these articles when you have to look up each word. The importance of tracking your cholesterol | Nuffield Health … Read more

And The Final Whammy

All right gals, we're doing the heart – last one for today. Pay close attention and read the small print before you reach for the chocolate. Then join the gym. I told you all you need to know is EXERCISE OR DIE. V easy really.   … Read more

And Now For The Boob Piece

But remember when you are in the darling menopause phase, you are more likely to get heart disease. Shame about the small boobs not avoiding cancer, thought I would sneak in there…..       Breast Cancer, Myths, Private Hospital | Nuffield Health   … Read more

Its Pelvic Floor Time – Squeeze, Two, Three

I couldn't do boobs without the pelvic floor now could I? I do super clenches during my gym classes. Remember to clench as you carry out your day to day activities and super clench at the gym. Then you will never need SAM as you will … Read more

This Week’s Knowledge

This Week’s Knowledge

OK for today we have boobs, heart, pelvic floor ie. front and back bottom, depression and the gut. Enough for the day. I am going to the gym. File, read, delete or just go to the gym. In her ground breaking book, The Female Brain, physician and … Read more