How’s Your Menopause Going Love?

Asks my darling 88 year old father each time we speak.  I bet he never spoke as much about the menopause with my mother, as he does with me.  He knows about all the symptoms in grisly detail.  He is a bit forgetful as he … Read more

The Runaway Diaphragm

Why did that suddenly pop into my head?   Oh yes, I remember. I was awake at 2am, and for some reason, I was thinking about how extraordinary it is, that a woman can still get pregnant when she is in the throes of being … Read more

Morning Briefings Have Ceased

When I closed my business down in August and was no longer working 18 hours a day. I would feel all twitchy when I was starting to write and my hubs would CHAT to me at 6.30am.  I had already been up since 5am (or earlier) and dropped my child at school,  this was my time to work.  Then I realised that I could squeeze him in for a little while, and perhaps SHOULD, as I was always asleep by the time he got back at night by 8pm. 

I wasn't used to this, talking about OUR EMPIRE in daylight hours.  It was amazing.  With three children in three different schools and universities, properties we pretend to own – (darling mortgages), cars needing repairing, issues with the lack of water, issues with power cuts,vermin ingestation, rent payments, repairs, insurance renewals, topping up the diesel as there was a shortage, holidays.  Suddenly there was a list which went on and on.  Chats went from lists which went to action points.   I tried to cope, after all, we have morning briefings at work, why not for your home life? Yes, but suddenly my morning briefings were getting a bit ONE SIDED.  

Well not anymore, I have just put a stop to these morning briefings.  It started to leave me with a longer and longer list of things suddenly I had to do, as I had time now.  Holy Fuck and then my daughter started. "Mum can you do ….today?"  Just like her father, when she got home she would ask me, "have you done what I asked you to this morning"?   My dear hubs encourages my writing and says indeed I must focus on it and in the same sentence adds, it won't take you long to fill up the diesel.  

"How do you know, you have never done it?"  

Two weeks ago, I burst into tears as you do when you are 54 years old in the fourth year of your peri-menopausal decade.   I sobbed and sniffed and explained that I had to go to the gym (exercise or die), and I had to collect our child at 1.45pm everyday.   That really didn't leave much time to write and do my work.   I couldn't do all those things.  

So sweet.  Last Wednesday I started working as soon as I had dropped my daughter.  6.20am great.  I felt a looming presence.  What are YOU doing I asked.  

"So sorry", he replied, "I just need to ask you something.  I don't want to interrupt you.

 "I'm just in the middle of this sentence and I will forget it if I talk"

"No problem, you carry on".

Fantastic.  I was on my timer and I made sure we had a chat NOT a list, a CHAT before he left.  He had 10 minutes. 

You see, I have been so spoilt living overseas.  For years, my office would make sure that the house was dealt with so I could do my job.  Then when I started my own business at the same time my husband did, we ran out of electricity within 3 days.  Neither of us even looked at the meter. Well I did actually, at least I knew where it was.  But I didn't have my glasses on and it wasn't on 27, which would have got us through the night.  

No it was 2.7 which didn't.   Hot season 34 degrees at night and no breeze…..

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“Love Hurts, Love Scars, Love Wounds And Mars…….”

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