Kiddy Paws

"If you and dad get to have temper tantrums because of the "many paws", then I get to have them as well. Mine will be called "Kiddy Paws."

2.30am Again

I did NOT mean to fall asleep at 9pm with my daughter. How many times have I said that?   My daugher had woken up boiling hot and put the air con on.  It was 2.30am and I was in my spot squashed between her and the wall. Eileen … Read more

Shall I Show You How To Use The Printer?

Those words made me break out into a sweat at 09.24 this morning. I am in my flow, writing and having lots of fabulous thorts. Hubs is back from a trip, and his first thing for the day, having slept in, is to get my new phone and … Read more

Heat Seeking Missiles

"It must be love, love, love….it must be love, love, love…."   The Specials song is so wonderful. We have a huge family bed.  However I have noticed that no matter how big the bed, I can't escape them.  Either of them, they just want … Read more

Weddings and Amoebas

Actually last week was rather full on, so that might have added to my stress levels. I found vermin on Monday I got Rentokil in on Tuesday and couldn’t stay in the house because the poison was so strong. I had to evacuate self, child, … Read more

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

The synaptic connection for this, is – thoughts I’ve been having since I wrote “Man Paws and Periods”. I remembered I wanted to tell you about over-hearing this conversation between my 9 year old and her 15 year old cousin last summer.   I do seem to spend … Read more

Many Paws And Periods

We are avid Downton Abbey fans.  I have bought Season 5 on i tunes and the latest episode downloads all day Monday so we can watch it in 3 chunks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  Actually we don't usually get to Wednesdays, it is so gripping. In one of … Read more