Got the Date

Just googled myself and found the date of the Southern African Food Crisis I was talking about last week.    It was 2002. Since then there have been several more food crises.   East Africa and Somalia are still in the grip of them as … Read more

No Wedgie Worries

"Featuring a silicone gripper edge that keeps your suit in place" from Speedo Girls. Have you ever heard of anything more hilarious? This label was taken from a friend's 5-year olds new swimming costume. You see even if you are IN the PMD, you can … Read more


My blogs are appealing to my friends, family and also occult, porn and SEO sites. I wonder what it is about the words darling and menopause that make this the case?  I really have no answer to that, as there really is nothing remotely sexy … Read more

A YES Voter – Go Scotland!

I hope everyone has been closely following this incredible process of grass roots democracy in action. It is fabulous the way that this debate about the UK has developed. It is SO long overdue as far as I am concerned. It links to many elements; … Read more