Laura Ashley Dresses

Imagine me in a big flouncy Laura Ashley dress – the early 90s.   I didn’t know that for years people thought I was a modern nun.  When someone told me, I replied, “but I wore lipstick”.  “Yes,” they said, “a modern nun with a big dress and lipstick”. I … Read more

Outraged Again From Tanzania

Yes I am outraged again.  I am a bit pissed off in fact.  One of my darling dogs woke me up at 4am to go for a pee. Her not me. My darling daughter kept slinging her arm and leg over me in the night … Read more

Parking Between The Lines

Why is it so hard? I have spent years being able to practise the form of parking called abandonment. You stop whereever you want and turn off the engine. This technique was perfected in Namibia, where there are 1,000,000 people in the land mass of Europe. … Read more

Neurotic or Highly Strung – Which Would You Prefer

I prefer highly strung.  What do you think?   My friend said,  "no you're a nutter and neurotic, it is different to being highly strung".   We are both menopausal and as we were having a nice sit down, neither one of us could be bothered to get up … Read more

Outraged from Tanzania

One in four with menopause symptoms concerned about ability to cope with life.  We are not alone, we are surrounded by others like us …..Maybe we should have a badge?