Capers Part Two – Again in 2015!

The remainder of the blog rant from the other day.. I didn’t realise I would get cut off mid flow as there was a word limit!

..I then walked straight past them as I couldn’t be bothered to buy them that particular day.  A BIG mistake.  I heard myself asking a manager for help with where had the capers moved to. He didn’t know, I asked could he find out, I had seen them before.

He smiled and didn’t move. I asked again, saying that it surprised me that a manager didn’t know where the stock was.  He walked away saying he would come back, but he didn’t, so I found him.

I never did get the bloody capers. They swore they didn’t have them. I don’t believe them. No one could possibly buy 30 or so bottles of bloody capers within 2 weeks in Dar es Salaam. NOT POSSIBLE unless the whole of the international community had planned a pasta putenesca extraordinaire.

Not good. It was only when I was home I realized I had had one of 10am episodes where I shouldn’t be near others.

I also forgot the nutella.

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