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Readers feedback so far;

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“This is so spot on and you just have to laugh out loud…….finally someone is not only talking about the M word but is making us laugh … someone said ” when you are going through hell….keep going”

“Your blog had me in fits of pain, recognition, laughter, the lot!  Wonderful writing”

“It made me laugh out loud all the time.”

“Very witty.  Think 100s would get it and 100s will learn”

“Great stuff. Where would we be without Xanax & HRT !!! Keep it coming.”

“Loved reading it, I’ve got loads to look forward too lol.”

“So funny, but I didn’t know it could last a decade – scary.”

“I laughed out loud at, “Is the peri-menopause “new”?  Is it because women are living longer?   Was it better when we all died off young – a rather drastic way to avoid it I admit.”

“I have to get my husband to read”

“Could It Be Perimenopause?: How Women 35-50 Can Overcome Forgetfulness, Mood Swings, Insomnia, Weight Gain, Sexual Dysfunction, and Other Telltale Signs of Hormonal Steven R. Goldstein, Laurie Ashner · Vermilion · Paperback · 242 pages · ISBN 0091816696”

“Is that REALLY a book title?”

“I love the capers in the supermarket one.”

“The capers story is so bloody funny!   Really cheered me up after a bad day”

“I’m just heading out so have had only a brief look at your blog but your writing is so funny and engaging and clear.  Great stuff”

“It’s a great read – I like your dry humour, the rants are great!”

“Just wanted to say I think your blog is brilliant, you have me in stitches….I’m laughing out loud and loving it.    I can see it as a film later down the road, Bridget Jones hits middle age/menopause.   It really is hilarious, I absolutely love it and I’m sure there are going to be thousands who will too.”

“I had a look at your site and it’s great – so funny, well written and engaging.”

“Ha ha! Why is it I like you already –  because you swear – that’s hilarious!”

“I love the blog  – great, dry humour.”

“I love it! Made me smile as I remember sitting in my doctors room at the age of 40 saying, I can’t possibly live like this for another 10 years and bursting into tears!  I look forward to reading more”

“It’s very engaging to read and you have found  a tone which I suspect accurately reflects your personality: playful, vibrant, intense,  open, empathetic. Those are words that spring to mind.”

“I really like it. Your personality comes through, I think with humour angle, you are onto a winner!”

“I think it’s great – it’s bold and well defined.  It made me smile but also I felt like I wanted to find out more.   I have not found this written about anywhere else. I think you are brave and people will benefit from your ability to be honest.”

“I got my mum to read too as she is more qualified on the subject! She gives it the thumbs up.”

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  1. I read the book in one sitting. Laughed out loud – felt exactly as if I was a fly on the wall. Humorous, candid and ‘telling it like it is’. Keep it up Debs – there’s a lot of women who can learn and be inspired by your hilarious write-ups of what can also be scary stuff. As you frequently say, why are we not warned about this! Although I’m not sure I want to be warning my daughter whose hormones are only just kicking in!!

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