Lady saying shhhh: The Biggest Hormone Myth That’s Sabotaging You

The Biggest Hormone Myth That’s Sabotaging You

I have been learning so much from Sara Gottfried MD. I stumbled upon her in my research and she is just brilliant. Clear and analytical, a medic who sees the whole body not just a collection of unrelated body parts.  Having “found” Estrogen and Progesterone last year, this year I am starting to understand about the ‘big 7″, of which darling E and P are only 2.  Makes sense that the whole lot need to be in kilter…

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MYTH: I don’t have to worry about hormones until menopause. Meanwhile, I can do whatever I want to my body – drink like a fish, party like a rock star, skimp on sleep – without consequences. The Huge Hormone Belief That’s Damaging You…

TRUTH: This is one of those myths that even most doctors believe! Many hormone levels – such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone – start to drift downward in your twenties. Other hormones, like cortisol, often spike too high and pull other hormones out of balance.

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