Big boobs to big bum - does my bum look big in this?

Big Boobs to Big Bum

Well, some interesting tit and big bum bits to share. One was from a friend who asked me would she get the menopause as she is on the pill. What a good question. I don’t know. She then told me that one of her friends had decided to stay on the pill till she was 90 just to avoid anything – menopause, ageing etc.   Sounds brilliant to me. Keep your head down and keep taking the tablets.

I went to see the new doctor in Dar about IT and she put me on the contraceptive pill to even out my darling little moods swings.  Unfortunately, what it did to me was make me a big, fat bastard – overnight,  just like my boobs with the gel.  I couldn’t believe it, I had to wear tents as nothing fitted. My bum was huge. If you say that with a Scottish accent it is better and more dramatic.

I am not being size-ist, BUT if you are used to being 55 kgs your entire adult life, then it comes as a bit of a shock when you suddenly gain 10kgs with no warning.

I went back saying I couldn’t bear it.

So bugger me, she gave me another contraceptive pill, swearing that it wouldn’t make me put so much weight on, and that, the one she had given me was known to make you a fat bastard.  Apparently it is the one they always start with just in case.

I know;  there is really only one response to that. I didn’t say anything to the doctor, even though I really wanted to slug her one. I needed her more than she needed me.

I tried that pill and was still a BFB.  Just fat and no pleasanter, this was NOT a good deal.  I then got another pill; a pill-lite even – that I would NEVER be a BFB with.  But, it was ghastly; side effects galore, sore everything, like PMS all the time.  What WAS the point? For some reason I persevered thinking that she must be right because she was a doctor and I wasn’t.

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