Be at one with nature

Be At One With Nature

Be at one with nature. My yoga teacher, who I admire greatly, used that phrase yesterday.

We both had sore bums, from holding our poses for so long the day before.   She asked me, if I had felt different emotionally after the class.  I said I didn’t know because I was on HRT and so couldn’t tell what was me and what was medication..

She replied that, humans fight nature every step of the way, and that menopause was part of a natural cycle of life and that I shouldn’t take tablets.   I don’t doubt her at all, my dilemma though is that the phrase “be at one with nature” evokes positive not negative thoughts.  How come then that the screaming habdabs because of lack of sleep are also part of that lovely, darling natural cycle of menopausal life as well?

But those very habdabs aren’t very nice for me or my family or anyone left still talking to me.  Bring on the drugs I say, unfortunately, I am not convinced they work for me completely either.  Maybe I am just one in a million.  Or another way to look at it is, I am totally snookered.

We didn’t have much time to talk more and she has now left on a trip. I will ask her when she gets back, what you are supposed to do instead of the tablets to “smooth” out those darling little mood swings.

Oh yes, and how to get some bloody sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time; and just to be really greedy;  in bed and at nighttime, rather than on the sofa, in the car, on a chair or just about anywhere else.

The problem is that, IF she mentions lavender oil, hot milk and lots of “me” time, I just might freak out. I don’t WANT lots of me time and massages; I just want to be able to finish a fricking sentence without gazing into middle earth.  Or have someone ask me gently if I am alright.   I want to walk down the corridor and know why I am bloody doing it.  And I want to NOT yell at my loved ones.

Is the peri-menopause “new”?  Is it because women are living longer?   Was it better when we all died off young – a rather drastic way to avoid it I admit.    I will wait and see what the teacher says and then share.

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