Awake at 3am AGAIN

Yes I know we've had this before, but I am still awake at bloody 3am, so this is what I have to share. 

I hope I don't get busted again by hubs and get taken away from the DVD I want to watch while I sulk. He seems pretty dead to the world.    I've finished Game of Thrones or rather I got so bored with the lot of them that I looked up the ending in Wikipedia. I had to know obviously otherwise it would have been very untidy.  For years now, since breastfeeding in fact, I dont need to watch all the episodes of each particular series I am on.  I just need someone to tell me what happened in that episode.  Now GETTING someone to tell you, seems to me the same as asking if they can give you ALL their money.  First shocked and startled and then the same line, but it will spoil the surprise for you.  

NO IT WON'T.  It is up to me anyway isn't it?  Apparently not.  Now thanks to Wikipedia, I can look it all up and not bother when some series get on my nerves.  They do a lot now as I am MENOPAUSAL.  I am feeling it a lot today.  Grumpy as fuck.

I creep out of bed and feel so happy. I have great options; The White Queen and Continents. Both brilliant but I feel the TWQ could go the same way as Game of Thrones and be "wikipedia-ed".   Certainly not many gals got to have their glorious peri menopausal decade in those days.

Oh fuck…..I can't get the telly to work.  With 2 remote controls and 2 different mice and a keyboard for the password, I can't have been wearing the right outfit or standing on my head while I tried.  I stood by the bed, willing him to wake up.   He's usually awake more than me at 3 nowadays. Why not now, dammit???

I'm v quiet when I wake up, as I don't usually want to wake him up.  He says I am too quiet and that I frighten him by creeping about.  "I don't creep", I always protest.   "I just don't slam doors and shine my phone into peoples faces at 2 or 3 in the morning. I simply get up quietly". He also has this knee thing when he bangs the bed each time he gets in.  He has been doing it for several years, I don't know why he can't lift his bloody leg higher. 

Anyway back to last night or this morning at 3am.  I thought he might be awake and could turn the telly on for me.  I couldn't tell, so I peeped under the net to see if his eyes were open.    I had to get quite close as I'd taken my glasses off.   "Ahhhh", he yelled

"Ahhh", I yelled back terrified by his yell.   "What's wrong",  he asked.  "Is it burglars"?   "No", I said  "Why did you yell"?  he asked.   "You gave me a fright, when you yelled" I replied. 

"I gave YOU a fright, what were YOU doing peering into my fucking face like that.  You gave ME a fright.  What's wrong with you?"

"I just wanted to see if you were awake and I had to get close as I couldn't see properly".

My daughter came charging into the room, "Mum, dad what's up, I heard yelling, is everything alright?  Are the guinea pigs and the tortoise ok?"

I really must learn to turn the telly on by myself. 


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