Attacked By A Strapless Bra

Maybe it is just me.  Is it just me?  Does anyone else have a violent strapless bra?

I wore it with my swanky dress to the St Andrew’s Ball two weeks ago.  It started slowly chaffing as the air con failed to keep up with the rising heat from the dancing bodies.   After a while I thought I was going to self combust and NEED stitches as the wire was poking through into my sternum.

I went into the bathroom and took it off.

Oh the relief.

I had another bad clothing episode recently as well.   Last Saturday there was a yoga workshop for menopausal women. Well there was some confusion as to what the women were clearly in other women’s minds as there age range was huge.

Anyway having had to stand in the middle of the circle, I was really feeling fairly “outed”.  Worse was to come though, I had worn nylon track suit bottoms and a drip – fit nylon top.  These are what I wear for yoga as the gym I go to has air conditioning.   This place didn’t have air conditioning and it was absolutely boiling. I thought I was going to pass out it was so hot.

Yes, well you can imagine.

I ended up doing the second glorious hour of yoga in my bra and (big) pants.



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