Are The Tabs Making Any Difference?

Hubs asks me from time to time. Sometimes he asks me in a good way and sometimes in a “well they don’t seem to be working” sort of way.  At the moment my answer is, “I don’t know – yes and no”.  Bit rubbish really. I must get a better answer. Let’s see where I am.

I take 4mg of estrogen only HRT tablets – split am and pm.  These have stopped the migraines and the aching body.  I don’t lie in bed with night sweats every night and I also don’t have as many hot flushes. Changing my diet overnight radically took away the worst of the mood swings.  Absolutely NO sugar, absolutely NO starchy carbohydrates and I must have protein with each meal. This has been extraordinary in terms of how quickly my blood sugar slowed down instead of going crazy and spiking, especially in the afternoons.

Progesterone was a bit of a disaster as you know from “No More Head In The Sand”. I am waiting for the doctor to let me know whether I have to take it at all or if there is a different type for special gals like me.   I have to confess to feeling quite jealous when a friend told me that her progesterone was a god send and sent her straight off for a good night’s sleep. I am also not sure how I get anti-cancer protection if I don’t take progesterone?  Lots of women don’t take HRT so what happens to their progesterone?  Where is it all?

I still take Ciprolax each morning and Xanax at night. I have reduced the latter to half a tablet most of the time, and one when I am desperate to get some SLEEP.  Still only ever 3 or 4 hours at a time though. If I take one whole one, I feel really, really wafty in the mornings till about midday as a result of the Xanax. I still have to get up at 5.30am to take tiny treasure to school, no matter what time I went to sleep.

Every time I read an article about how important it is to sleep, I feel like either crying or shouting.  It just makes me feel as if it is all my fault, that somehow I am awake on purpose.  I AM NOT. I have an older friend who had the exact same problem with her anti-depressants when she was peri-menopausal.   She could only sleep for 3 hours at a time. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.  It does always make me feel better though when I know it is not just me.

The conundrum is that I don’t know if my brain fog is a result of serious sleep deficit or if I have brain fog in its own right.  Whatever, it might be fair to say that I am perhaps not the sharpest pin the sewing basket till 12 and some mornings I do suspect I really shouldn’t be driving.  Monday was one of those days, I got hubs to take tiny treasure to the school bus.  I just had that feeling…. Even though I always have the dogs with me to make sure I get home ok and to ward off police personnel on Selander Bridge.  (First mention of the bridge this year).

The doctor told me last October to get the HRT and my hormone levels happy or happy enough and therefore not to tamper with the anti-depressant dosages as the withdrawal can be vicious and could result in unpleasant side effects.  That made sense to me.  I’m not letting myself think of it but June is quite soon isn’t it?  I clearly will need a withdrawal plan. Come to think of it now June and July could potentially be ghastly as it is school holidays.  I don’t want the others to suffer because of me.  My plan is this – I will wait until August to start fiddle-arsing around with them and after my next meeting with my guinea-pig-ologist.

I haven’t given any thought as to how to come off my HRT tablets, as I have only been on them for 9 months.   I did have food for thought though as I met a woman recently though who was slowly STOPPING her HRT, as planned with her doctor, as she was 55 and had been on them for 5 years.  I panicked as I thought, “but I’ve only just got some things sorted, I can’t stop just yet..”..

Maybe in 2016, but certainly not until I crack SLEEP.  In the meantime having peri-menopause and lots of blood work done, has thrown up an underactive thyroid, reverse hypoglycemia and a leaky gut. The latter courtesy of lots of horrid parasites on a regular basis for the last 30 years and therefore lots of antibiotics on a regular basis to kill the little bastards.

I never really knew what the thyroid was for frankly but now I know that it can ALSO stop you sleeping.  I am still a bit confused as to what is cause and what is effect, what is peri-menopause and what are other things that have been skulking about my body hidden and waiting for my hormone happiness to dwindle before coming to bite me on the bum – or eyelids now.

BUT I am less confused than last year, which is a revelation.  It is a rich journey.  Just joking it is a pain in the arse really, two steps forward and a week backwards.  He ho. Enough of me, me, me.  How are you all feeling?


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