Pills to take after the appointment

After The Appointment

It was as if she had joined up the dots.  Linking precursors to family history with actual symptoms I had by diagnosing based on test results and analysis. After the appointment, I skipped into the car feeling so much lighter.   The key for me, was first being taken seriously; but more importantly was the fact that SHE had not compartmentalised my head, body and tackle.  SHE had looked at the whole picture.

I had several calls to make.   2 friends and several family members were waiting with baited breath.

First my father, then mother in law, then sisters; the list went on.   Little daughter was anxiously waiting with grandpa.  She had never known BOTH parents go off together to an appointment with the doctor.

I started the tablets immediately.  I was conscious that my husband, father and daughter were watching me closely for signs of instant character upgrade.

The next morning my mother in law called, “how was I?”

SHE HAD said that it would take till at least October to feel more balanced; what with adjustments to the dosage of the patch and the tablets in tandem to a reduction of the “other” tablets.  It had to be done slowly and carefully.  Of course it did.

Only I couldn’t wait.

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