Abandoning the bridge thanks to the school bus!

Abandoning The Bridge

Hurrah!   My daughter has a place on the school bus.  I do feel guilty but the relief of abandoning the bridge out weighs it tenfold.   Out of 10 trips, I now only do 3.  Admittedly they are all in the afternoon and so at the hottest time, however that is a small price to pay.  I can now work from 6.30am till 8.30am and again after the gym from 11.00 till 14.00pm.   That is a 5-hour working day.  It is SO short compared with any other working day I have had since I was 21.   In early September, I actually felt lazy,  so I had to give myself quite a SERIOUS talking to.

My big focus is HEALTH as well as work for the rest of the year, the rest of my life actually.

That sounds very dramatic.  I clearly don’t have a dramatic bone in my body; BUT I have learnt that all your girly hormones which protect you from cancer and heart disease etc. simply stop that protection during the PMD as the darling hormones diminish.

PLUS any family history medical time bombs you may have; and been ignoring or unaware of; can start rearing their heads.  Just about now I would say.

Where do the wonderful, good hormones go I wonder?   Is there a hormone heaven?  A special cloud where they all retire to and look down at us gals struggling along without them?  Or are they recycled?  I wonder.


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