A YES Voter – Go Scotland!

I hope everyone has been closely following this incredible process of grass roots democracy in action.

It is fabulous the way that this debate about the UK has developed. It is SO long overdue as far as I am concerned. It links to many elements; the reform of the House of Lords, the overhaul of the Monarchy, federalism. Other countries have overtaken the UK in terms of transforming their systems of government, take South Africa for example. This is when I feel embarrassed that the UK; as an advanced democracy with a lot to showcase which is great; has got behind the curve.  We are even behind the French.  Today is Friday and so all the little darling French children in France and in the French education system globally; are on page 15 of their maths books and all wearing blue t-shirts.  In France, they have a federal system, and they kicked the monarchy out some time ago didn’t they?

I do feel disappointed, as I really did think that Scotland would do it, but I AM excited by the thought of the Scots having led the way in expressing a strong desire for change of the status quo in the UK as a whole.

I was involved with the Westminster Select Committee for International Development after the Southern Africa Food Crisis in  hmm can’t remember the exact date.  I don’t want to lose track as I only have power and therefore internet for about 30 more seconds.  I will get back to you on dates etc.

We submitted our own report and also commented on the report submitted by the UK HMG on what they would be doing differently in the next food crisis.

Yes, yes I have been very gainfully employed doing important things for many years.    I haven’t spent that long lounging around moaning about my body parts, I promise.

INGOs – (international non-governmental organisations) were keen to make sure that the Department for International Development DID follow up what they had signed up to.  I asked the Chair of the Select Committee ; I can’t remember his name; obviously I’m a bird brain now; WHAT the parliamentary monitoring mechanism to ensure departmental compliance and accountability.

OMG have you noticed how I just slipped into all the jargon??

Well, I learned that there wasn’t a monitoring system – NOT even a BAD one.   Once reports are in and submitted, all the select committees move onto their next task.  SO the departments could in theory completely take the piss and do nothing.

I have to dash and do that bloody bridge again to collect my tiny angel.   And NO I still haven’t repaired the aircon.


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