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“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” Ho, Ho, Ho

Menopause and Hair Loss—A Parting of the Ways By Ellen Dolgen

Ellen has done a really good piece on why your head hair starts to shed and why it lands on your chin instead.   I am still checking for chin hair but it hasn’t arrived yet.

I do suffer regularly from head lice, courtesy from having a child at primary school.  The other night I went to a ladies christmas dinner thing.  It was lovely, but I had a terrible cold and a temperature, so wasn’t on my best form.  Included in the price was either a mini-manicure, mini-pedicure or a mini-foot massage.  Or so I thought. It turns out the message I got was wrong.  It was a head massage, not a foot massage.

I duly went ahead with the head massage, even though I don’t really like them.  My friend sensibly said, “just change and have a foot one instead”, but there was a queue and as usual I didn’t think.

I shouldn’t have submitted. It was horrid and I didn’t enjoy it one bit.   Everybody else who chose to have a head massage loved them. BUT NOT ME. NO WAY

The shoulder bit was ok, but I prefer to grimace in private, not when I am scrubbed up in my posh frock. Then when the masseuse moved up to massage my head, my hair came out in HANDFULS.

Plus it was SO itchy, I realised that the bloody head lice eggs were starting to twitch and were just loving all this attention.

Unlike me.


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